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Welcome. This website is about Netherton Syndrome, a rare disease that affects the skin, hair and the immune system.  Netherton Syndrome is related to Ichthyosis.

Having a skin disease can truly get ‘under your skin’. It affects every aspect of your life. Your skin is what you represent to the world, it’s what people see first. Netherton affects your hair, your face, your eye lashes, your hands…your whole body. Knowing more about Netherton or about other types of Ichthyosis can really make a difference.  Knowing other people with the same kind of problems can be of help.

This website was made by patients and parents of patients with Netherton Syndrome. Netherton Network is part of Vereniging voor Ichthyosis Netwerken.

You can read more about Netherton by using the menu.

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You can support us by using the donate button. You will be directed to www.ichthyosisnetwerken.nl.

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